Improving The World Of Work Using Lean, Agile, Scrum And Kanban

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We provide training in new ways of working in teams, using Agile and Scrum as a framework within which teams learn to collaborate and deliver high quality work.


I work with your teams in your workplace to coach them in how to use the Agile Principles and Scrum Framework to empower them to work in a more collaborative and harmonious way.


I work on-site or remotely to lead your teams, to work with them on a daily basis to provide them a solid framework within which to work. Ultimately building a high-performance self-directed work teams.


Scrum Master Courses

Register for the next available Scrum Master Course in your area, and learn how to work using agile in your workplace.

New Courses Soon

Agile For Leaders Workshops

We run one-day workshops for leaders at all levels, particularly from the public sector. Our Agile for Leaders Workshop covers all the foundational aspects of Agile.

New Courses Soon


Shane was excellent in explaining the techniques of Scrum and application of scrum framework in Agile environment.Digital Analyst
Scrum is the key framework to successful management and leadership in the digitally disrupted workplace. Consultant - Business Services
The Professional Scrum Master course was fantastic. I now have a good understanding of scrum principles, events and artifacts. The knowledge and skills developed during this course will be invaluable on my next client engagement. Senior Consultant

About Me

Shane is a Management Consultant specialising in high-performance, self-directed work teams. Working with small teams for 32 years in sectors as diverse as Defence, Police, National Security, Mining, Renewable Energy, Antarctic Research, Health and Foreign Affairs. Shane’s found that the fundamentals of group behaviour remain similar regardless of context.


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