September’s Agile Update for the Canberra Region

August was  a busy month, we had the ATO’s Agile Journey almost on the last day of the month then the first Thursday in September saw Lucy and Susie presenting on The Agile BA. In this video I cover the Canberra Agile and Scrum User Group, the newly created Whole of Government Agile Community of Practice, I announce my new … Read More

3 Seminal Documents of Agile

I often get asked about what a person should read to bring themselves up to speed with the basics of Agile, and how to implement it. Here’s a copy of once such reply I provided today, I thought I would make a post so other’s can start their Agile journey as well. Hi my friend – This week is indeed … Read More

Agile in Government – A How To

The First Iteration of the Agile Delivery Guide For Government Introduction I first came across Agile as a concept in around April 2010 when I was working as a Project Management Consultant at a renewable energy provider in Tasmania, Australia. There was a need to maintain a competitive advantage through the updating and continued maintenance of the electricity trading software … Read More