September’s Agile Update for the Canberra Region

August was  a busy month, we had the ATO’s Agile Journey almost on the last day of the month then the first Thursday in September saw Lucy and Susie presenting on The Agile BA.

In this video I cover the Canberra Agile and Scrum User Group, the newly created Whole of Government Agile Community of Practice, I announce my new show, The Agile Stories Show!

This is a new initiative where I interview other agilists to learn their stories so that we can learn from them. They are either local, national or international identities. Like my page here to be notified of the first show on Monday the 18th of September at 7pm AEST.

Lastly, the LAST Conference in Canberra on the 14 September. I’m giving my talk at 1.30pm. Watch the video below for more information.