Shane provides a variety of Agile training options to facilitate the development of leaders at all levels, and team members to understand the principles and various frameworks available to deliver work in new and innovative ways.

At the moment public courses have been postponed however you can contact Shane to schedule internal Courses at your Department:

Scrum Master Course – 2 Day course that covers all the roles, events and responsibilities in the Scrum framework. This is an ideal course for participants to gain the knowledge and skills to then undertake an independent Certification exam.

Agile Conversion Course – This 1 day course is perfect for project practioners already delivering projects in frameworks other than agile and new project and team members who want to learn about Agile.

Agile Development Program for Public Service Leaders – This is a module based online course that teaches and guides program members through all the important facets of Agile and in the particular context of the Government Public Service.